Upholstery Cleaning

Our trained technicians revitalize your Upholstery with our industrial Upholstery cleaning machines. Only the best Upholstery cleaning equipment will bring it back to that clean, fresh appearance and feel it had the day it was bought.

Even more importantly, as a Upholstery cleaning company, once we’re through you can be sure that harmful allergens will be banished from your Upholstery, keeping your family safe from harm.

Before you think about replacing Upholstery, talk to one of our Upholstery cleaning company specialists about carpet cleaning the Upholstery you already have. Our Upholstery cleaning specialists offer one of kind deep Upholstery cleaning treatments, which could save you thousands! Here’s what you get when you choose J & J commercial Upholstery cleaning:

– Will most importantly give you cleaner, softer Upholstery!

– Will remove harmful allergens.

– Will disinfect and eliminate harmful bacteria.

– Will make all of those spilled drinks and stains disappear.

– Will deodorise your Upholstery leaving it smelling fresh and clean.

– Carries our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Steam-cleaning or hot water extraction initially involves the application of a detergent based solution. After appropriate dwell time, a pressurized manual or automatic cleaning tool (such as a wand) passes over the surface several times to thoroughly rinse out all residue and particulates.

Heavily soiled areas require the application of pre-treatment’s, pre-conditioners, or “traffic-lane cleaners”,


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