Pressure Water Cleaning

Keeping your main entrances clean is essential for making that first good impression. Our cleaning machines are purposely designed to restore driveways, paths and patios by providing a unique deep cleaning system, effective enough to remove unsightly tyre marks, most oil stains, moss and slippery algae.

Our pressure cleaning services include:

* Paving & Driveways Cleaning
* Patios & Paths Cleaning
* Concrete Cleaning
* Brick Cleaning
* Cladding and Masonry Clean
* Deck Cleaning

Our professional pressure cleaning service can clean and restore a wide variety of surfaces using only biodegradable power washing chemicals which are environmentally harmless.

To keep the“new look” longer, we recommend to have your surfaces & pavements protected with unique impregnation sealer that whilst invisible to the naked eye repels all water and oil based staining such as chewing gum, tea, coffee, blood, oils and all sorts of other nasties!  A treated area will wash away most surface contaminants during heavy rainfall, making it almost self cleaning. This protective sealer comes with an 3 year guarantee so you can be safe in the knowledge that the protected areas will stay looking clean for longer.  The sealer will also enable your hard surface to be pressure wash machine cleaned more efficiently keeping that “new look” longer.

Whether you are a residential client looking for a one time pressure cleaning or a business looking for weekly, monthly, or quarterly service, Contact us today for a free quote or fill in the form.


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