Read below for a list of our more common questions, or if you’d like to speak to someone directly you can call the main office on 1300 853 318 to ask anything regarding services, bookings or more.

Are operators well trained?
We have extensive and on-going in-house training for all our carpet cleaning and general cleaning operators, as well as training for customer relations. Anytime there is a major advancement in the field of cleaning we immediately and thoroughly induct our cleaners so that they are always at the peak of the industry.

Are the operators fully qualified?
Yes, we only allow our operators to work independently unless they have satisfactorily completed our training, which means they are fully qualified to perform cleaning work before we deploy them to households or commercial establishments.

The price you quote over the telephone, is that amount guaranteed?
Yes, the price we quote over the telephone based on the information you provide us is the firm price for the basic cleaning providing your property is in a reasonable condition. If you would like us to perform any extra cleaning that will be at additional cost but will never be undertaken without your full confirmation.

Will there be any extra hidden costs?
No. Unlike many other cleaning companies we like to keep our customers informed of all costs involved with the cleaning.

What is the minimum time I can book a cleaner for?
You can book a general cleaner for a minimum of two (2) hours.

How do I prepare for a clean?

With all steam cleaning we ask that you vacuum the surfaces prior to us attending. If possible, minimising the number of items in a room will help with results, so loose items on surfaces or furniture on carpets the more that is removed the better. We ask that all properties have hot water and electricity available, lack of access can compromise the quality of the clean overall.

Do I need to supply anything?
The cleaning estimate we provide you prior to cleaning is inclusive of the use of our cleaning equipment and cleaning products. If you’d prefer us to use your cleaning products, we, of course, accommodate it, but it will not adjust the quote we provide.

Do I need to sign a contract?
We do have a contract between parties. However, this is not a fixed term contract and goes from a clean to clean basis. All we ask is that you give us notice should you wish to cancel the service. We prefer to work on customer satisfaction and merit rather than tie you into contracts.

What if no one is home during the day?
We only require you to be at your property to let the operator in and explain to them about your special requirements or cleaning needs. After that you are free to leave, organizing directly with the operator to contact you 30 minutes before they are about to finish so that you can check the work done and make payment or some other suitable arrangement based on your needs. All our cleaning staff is screened and has been police-checked prior to employment to J&J Cleaning Services so you won’t have any risk leaving them at your property unattended.

Can I change operators if I am not happy?
Yes, you can. We want you to be very happy with the service we provide but we are realistic and know that sometimes things don’t work out. Just let us know and we will be more than happy to find you a new operator or other suitable arrangement.

What happens when I go on holiday?
You can elect to suspend the service for that period of time or reschedule temporarily. Contacting the main office to discuss your individual circumstances is always advised so that a specific solution to your needs can be found.

How do I pay?
We accept payment by cash or credit card (MasterCard/ Visa) or direct transfer into the bank. However, there will be a surcharge for credit card payments. Unfortunately we do not accept personal checks. We are able to organize invoice jobs for businesses and property managers.

Can I change my date or time of booking or add additional tasks?
Yes, you can change your booking time but we do ask that you give us plenty of notice if you wish to do this. Likewise, if you wish to add additional booking dates or hours please let us know in advance. You are more than welcome to add additional tasks but this may require additional time be booked to accommodate. All booking alterations are subject to availability, so it is always advised that the more time provided before the date the more freedom you will have to have adjustments made. If you wish to cancel outright we will accommodate that but we need at least 24 hours notice or cancellation fees may occur.

Do I have the same cleaner each time?
If you organize an on-going cleaning service we make sure that it is the same operator that attends every time. We try to maintain a high level of consistency, which works perfectly fine for both parties. Your cleaner gets to know you and your property. Likewise, you get to know your cleaner and how they work. From experience we know this is beneficial especially for you. For casual or one off bookings we will always attempt to send the same operators each time as well, but it is of course based on availability.

What do I do if the cleaner doesn’t turn up?
If this happens you simply call the main office. We will follow up the operator directly and if necessary will arrange another cleaner as soon as we can.

Are you pet-friendly?
Yes, we don’t mind if you have pets! Please let us know at the time of booking so we can pass this information to our available cleaners. If your pet is likely to be aggressive or may obstruct during the cleaning, we kindly ask if you can secure or remove them prior to your house cleaning service.

What is the next step?
We hope to have answered some of your questions here. Your next step is to call us on 1300 853 318 to ask any further questions or lock in a time for the booking.


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